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The C.E.O. of VUJA SPORTS experienced minor and major injuries during his 15 years as a professional soccer player, he found out that wearing non-slip toe socks optimized for soccer minimizes injuries and improves performance compared to regular socks.


Our brand name VUJA SPORTS is from the word Vuja de.

Déjà vu occurs when we encounter something new, but it feels like we've seen it before. But what's this vuja de? "Vuja de is the reverse—we face something familiar, but we see it with a fresh perspective that enables us to gain new insights into old problems. 

Socks are items we wear every day to protect our feet. However, in high-intensity sports, you need to wear specialized socks like ours, not regular socks that could hurt your feet.

These toe socks are the first products of our brand, and your feedback will help us make better products in the future.

VUJA SPORTS offers greater value than simply ‘socks.’
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